Holy Cross Lutheran – Livingston IL

In this particular church our customer wanted new low profile JBL speakers, Audio Technica wireless, and an Audio Technica lapel wireless. Our video technicians decided on the CBT 50’s which are low profile and have an excellent sound. In addition, the congregation wanted a live video feed into an extension room for their congretation to watch their services live. Our technicians installed a Panasonic video camera and mounted a small 32″ TV in the extension room. In addition to the sound system and camera, the church had a need for a listening assistance system for a few church goers with hearing impairments. Our technicians solved this issue by recommending and installing a Williams Sound listening assistance system with 4 transmitters and personalized ear buds. I have been told they have been a huge success. For reference, please call Mrs. Susan Engelke at 618-656-1275