Mini Melodies

   Mini Melodies is a fun and energetic family music class where every child from the age of one to four is welcome.

  At Mini Melodies, we know that music is fundamental in the development of pre-school aged children. We developed these classes to give children and parents of this age group the opportunity to embark on a journey not many receive.

What will you experience?


Singing: From the daily “Hello” song to the final “Goodbye” song, your children will explore a  variety of musical styles. Singing helps in the development of creativity, memory, recall, physical development and even socialization.

Movement: Whether it is individual movement, family movement or movement as a class, movement activities enhance coordination skills and offer opportunities of imitation. All children will be smiling while bouncing, rocking, and dancing.

 Jam Session: Children and adults will love playing different instruments each week. Learn how to play a variety of age appropriate instruments throughout the course.

Why Mini Melodies?

Kids will discover melodies, rhythm, and how to interact with the caregivers. They will be encouraged to be vocal, play with instruments, explore different objects and learn body movement.

Different styles of music will be presented which will help build strong neural networks. Instruments will help the child’s sense of rhythms and beat. They will be encouraged for creativity.

Together time will give the baby and caregiver “quality time” where special memories are formed.

We are still working out the details as far as date, time and pricing. Feel free to call Tara at 618-345-6700 for any more information.