Let’s get ready to sing, shimmy, and shake!

Always on the move, toddlers are endlessly curious about the world around them. They’re expressing themselves (often loudly) and are quickly developing a sense of independence that can be wonderful and, at times, frustrating. That’s why Musikgarten developed Family Music for Toddlers. This program uses music and movement to help growing babies and toddlers develop key skills that are vital for all learning: listening, following directions, impulse control, communication, and positive social interaction.

Like all Musikgarten courses, Family Music is designed to enhance your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development, while building a foundation for future musical proficiency. And that’s important for you to know. For your toddler, it’s all about the pure fun of music and movement shared with you.


How Family Music performs for you.

We measure our success in smiles, in returning families, and in every interaction you and your toddler have in class. Developed by experts in music education, child development, and neuroscience, Musikgarten uses a proven approach to deliver musical, intellectual and social enrichment through four key components.


Musikgarten offers the most comprehensive music curriculum in the industry. Family Music is carefully designed to awaken and stimulate neural pathways in a toddlers’ developing brain. How? Listening activities help children focus sounds to facilitate active listening. Movement activities nurture motor skills and physical awareness by allowing their bodies to become expressive instruments. Class routines help toddlers develop a sense of order and learn to follow directions. And unique learning challenges let them experience problem solving and independence, which builds confidence.


Since parents, caregivers, and children participate together, Family Music offers a unique bonding opportunity. Here, grown-ups help by modeling each activity and demonstrating how to participate (and you’ll have fun doing it too!) Your presence in class also provides your toddler with a sense of security, giving them confidence to participate in new experiences. As well, your interaction helps ensure that the concepts and songs taught in class can be practiced together at home.

Family Materials

Familiarity with the music and activities helps your family get the most out of each Musikgarten class. Our recordings let you bring the musikgartensongs and sounds of Musikgarten home or on the go.


We want you to feel well informed right from the very first class. First, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an orientation where you’ll learn what to expect during classes and how to get the most out of them. During classesz, Teachers explain the significance and purpose of each activity. We also send brief emails with information to help support your child’s musical journey. Additional resources are always available to parents to want to learn more about the science behind Musikgarten.