Piano Lessons

The piano is a great instrument for students to start their musical journey on.  It is extremely visual and offers students an amazing all-round music education from which they can pick up another instrument with ease. 


We offer one-on-one, 30 minute lessons that are suitable for beginners and younger students.  This offers a great opportunity to learn the basics in a time frame that is manageable for most students.  We are currently offering piano lessons for students ages 3-adult. 

Piano Lessons at Swing City Music




As students become more proficient at the piano, teachers may recommend hour long lessons. 

Adult students are also scheduled for one-on-one lessons, our teachers cater the materials and content to each adult student’s learning style and prior musical experience. 



Group Lessons at Swing City Music




We also offer a group piano class for beginning students ages 7-10.  Group classes allow students to develop their creative imagination that comes together through teamwork and collaboration.  They will develop a sense of pride and feel more responsible about their actions and their contributions to the team.  





You are required to have a piano at home while you are taking lessons.  If you do not have a piano or keyboard, no worries!  Let us know and we can get you scheduled for our trial program or find a keyboard or piano that is suitable for you!


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