Fender Acoustic 200 Amplifier


Fender’s Acoustic 200 amplifier delivers full, natural tone for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. Its specially designed wood shell complements the acoustic guitar’s form and voice.

A powerful, portable system for solo performances or onstage with a band, the Acoustic 200 amp has two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality stereo effects. Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless streaming, an integrated handle, universal voltage for international use, and more.

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  • Voltage
  • Wattage
    200 Watts
  • Controls
    Channel 1: Volume, Low, Mid, High, FX Level, FX Select, Phase Switch; Channel 2: Volume, Low, Mid, High, FX Level, FX Select, Phase Switch.
  • Channels
  • Inputs
    Two – (XLR / 1/4″ combined)
  • Effects
    Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Tape Echo, Delay with Repeats, Chorus, Vibratone, Delay + Chorus, Delay + Hall Reverb
  • Line Out
    One – (XLR with Ground Lift)
  • Cabinet Material
    Finished Plywood
  • Amplifier Covering
    Finished Plywood
  • Grille Cloth
  • Handle
    Integrated Top-Mount Handle
  • Speakers
    Two – 8″ Full-Range Whizzer Cone
  • Total Impedance
    8 ohms
  • Amp Height
    16″ (40.6 cm)
  • Amp Width
    18.5″ (47.0 cm)
  • Amp Depth
    9.5″ (24.13 cm)
  • Amp Weight
    23 lbs (10.4 kg)


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