Quilter 101 Reverb Head

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Featuring an interesting new take on the usual three-knob EQ section, the Bass and Treble controls use traditional “tone stack” technology, yielding a familiar bright chime based on 50 years of tradition, while the active Mid control provides a more strongly voiced cut/boost function for increased versatility. Increasing the Mid control boosts the frequencies that give an aggressive “D-Style” bite to the sound, while decreasing Mid brings out that familiar clean-60’s Blackface tone.

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Power Output: 0 to 50 watts maximum, 4-8 ohms
AC Power Req.: 100–240Vac, 50–60 Hz, 100 W maximum
Input Connections: ¼” mono, 2M input impedance, 2V peak
Effects Send: ¼” mono, 1V full scale, 600 ohms
Effects Return: ¼” mono, 1V full scale, 47K
Headphone Output: 1/4″ jack, 4V peak
Speaker 1 Output: 8 ohms, 60-100 W recommended rating
Speaker 2 Output: 4 ohms, 60-100 W recommended rating
Dual Speakers 1+2 8 ohms each, 30-50W recommended rating.
H x W x D 8.5”(218mm) x 7.5” (190mm) x 3” (76mm)
Weight 2 lbs (0.9kg)

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 in


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