Tony Lampman

Tony BigTony Lampman is an active musician in Edwardsville and surrounding areas.Playing professionally for a number of years, he gigs regularly in a number of different settings, from large venues to small bar rooms. He’s played all over the country, from the American Southwest to the Northeast, and has opened for a number of famous acts, including Imagine Dragons.

Tony enjoys playing and listening to many different styles of music, and is well versed in them. Having been playing for over half his life, he is very passionate about music, stresses the fundamentals, and strives to provide an atmosphere of encouragement.

An active supporter of the Summer Youth Concerts, he’s usually found enjoying himself in the crowd or mixing the bands at the soundboard, and hopes to motivate students to play with others. He plays drums for The Mellow D’s along with his brother, and fellow instructor, Nick Lampman.