Zion Evangelical Church

My name is Dale Gruenewald and I am a long time member of Zion Evangelical Church in Millstadt. Recently, we used Swing City Music for a total upgrade of our sound system and video system. Andy Garces and Jack Poole are extremely knowledgeable. They installed a Soundcraft Expressions 3 digital mixer and JBL CBT100 speakers in white. They sound and look great! The training afterwords was top notch! Andy is very patient. They also installed a Sony digital camera and broadcaster pro streaming interface with an HDMI splitter. Our church members are very pleased with the new sound system. A big thank you to the Swing City Music staff! If you need someone to come out and look at your sound system, I highly recommend Swing City Music! Ask for Art Jr.

-Dale Gruenewald, 618-660-9797


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