Guitar | Bass | Ukulele Lessons

We offer one-on-one sessions to ensure students are not being held back or left behind by the rest of the class.  We find students improve faster, feel encouraged, and gain confidence as a result. 

We currently teach guitar and bass to students from the age 7-adult and ukulele ages 4-adult.


Learning the guitar is a great instrument to learn rock, pop, jazz, and other genres.


Guitar Lessons


We offer one-on-one, 30 minute lessons for beginners and younger students.  This offers a great opportunity to learn the basics in a time frame that is manageable for them.  As students progress and become proficient in the guitar, the teachers may recommend 60 minute lessons.  






We also provide one-on-one lessons for adults, catering the structure and lesson materials to each student’s learning styles and prior musical experience.

Guitar Lessons

You are required to have an instrument for your lessons.  If you do not have a guitar, no worries!  Let us know and we can get you scheduled for our trial program or find a guitar that is suitable for you!  If you are in need of a ukulele or a bass, let us help you find an instrument suited for you. 





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