Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer


The Mother-32 from Moog is a semi-modular analog synthesizer with an integrated 32-step sequencer and 32-point patchbay with Eurorack compatibility. The semi-modular design is pre-wired internally for making sounds without patch cables and is fully controllable via MIDI. The single oscillator is switchable between saw and square waveforms and offers pulse width modulation. The on-board LFO is capable of generating frequencies at audio levels and can be routed to the VCO, pulse width, filter cutoff. The classic 24 dB ladder filter is switchable between low-pass and high-pass with controls for cutoff and resonance. The envelope offers controls for attack and decay with sustain available via toggle switch.

The on-board sequencer offers 32 steps and can be saved into 64 sequencer preset slots. Each step can record note, glide, gate length, accent, rest, and ratchet information, while the sequencer itself can clock to MIDI and offers a global swing. The on-board 13-note keyboard can record into the sequencer in real-time or be used to step-record data. Additionally, the keyboard can transpose a running sequence in real-time.

The front panel of the Mother-32 can be removed from the chassis and placed within a standard Eurorack enclosure, making it fully compatible with a variety of Eurorack modules. The patch-bay offers 32 input and output points for signal routing including VCO waveform output, voltage control over resonance, LFO rate control, external audio input, keyboard CV tracking, and connections for controlling the sequencer. The Mother-32 ships with a power supply and 5 patch cables

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General Features

  • 32-step sequencer (real-time and step-record)
  • Sequence notes, gate length, accent, glide, and ratchet per step
  • Transpose sequence in real-time with keyboard
  • 64 slots to save sequences (sequences- not patches)
  • 5-pin Midi input
  • 32x modular patchbay
  • White noise
  • 2x Voltage control mixers
  • Definitive Moog oscillator w/ pulse and sawtooth wave output
  • Main Module can be transferred into any Eurorack skiff
  • Both Low Pass and high pass modules

Patchbay Inputs

  • External Audio
  • Mix CV
  • VCA CV
  • VCF Cutoff
  • VCF Resonance
  • VCO 1V/Octave
  • VCO Linear FM
  • VCO Modulation
  • LFO Rate
  • Mix 1
  • Mix 2
  • VC Mix Control
  • Mult
  • Gate
  • Tempo
  • Run/Stop
  • Reset
  • Hold

Patchbay Outputs

  • VCA
  • Noise
  • VCF
  • VCO Saw
  • VCO Pulse
  • LFO Triangle
  • LFO Square
  • VC Mix
  • Mult 1
  • Mult 2
  • Assign
  • EG
  • KB
  • Gate

Patchbay Assignable Output

  • Accent (Default)
  • Sequencer Clock
  • Sequencer Clock / 2
  • Sequencer Clock / 4
  • Sequencer Step ramp
  • Sequencer Step saw
  • Sequencer Step triangle
  • Sequencer Step random
  • Sequencer Step 1 trigger output
  • MIDI velocity
  • MIDI pitch bend
  • MIDI channel pressure
  • MIDI CC 1
  • MIDI CC 2
  • MIDI CC 4
  • MIDI CC 7

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 25.4 in


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