Temple Church of Christ St. Louis

Temple Church of Christ, located in St. Louis was in great need of an upgrade to their SD based video system. Due to our ongoing relationship, Pastor Ron Stephens called us up and asked us to work with his media team leader Eric to help move their media ministry to the next level. After some initial meetings we learned about Pastor Ron’s desire to both produce better content and reach more people. From those meetings we put together a plan to upgrade specific sections of the system while using some of their newer video distribution equipment.

After removing the preexisting 20 plus year old Newtek mixer we installed a new Blackmagic Design ATEM TV Pro 8 channel video mixer. Along with Blackmagic’s amazing mini converters we were able to integrate seamlessly to their existing FOH projectors and video matrix system. Having smooth camera tracking was important, so we mixed multiple manned Canon XA11s on tripods along with a pair of PTZOptics cameras that are controlled remotely.

Ambient audio comes from a AudioTechnica shotgun mic in the rear along with a congregational microphone up front. That extra audio in the mix really makes the viewer feel as if they were at the service. All the audio and video from the ATEM are capture in full 1080p resolution on an encoding Windows PC and then streamed right out for the world to see. If you would like see a service, just head here to https://myvideoministry.com/ron_stephens/