Piano Group Classes

Go ahead and test the water…. and get off to a great start!  Whether you’re trying to build a strong foundation before starting private lessons or you are wanting to play music with a group, our group classes are just what you need! 




Small group sizes offer the best of both worlds- lots of attention from the teacher combined with the enjoyment and camaraderie of being in class with other students around the same age (ages 7-10).









What will you get with group class?
  • Classes are one hour long once per week.  Our 2020 fall semester is 14 weeks.
  • How-to videos of every song we cover in class that you can watch at home.
  • Activities and Games that will be played in class and at home.
  • Access to the play-a-long soundtrack.
  • Piano Maestro and Supersonics Plus subscriptions.
  • Recital Opportunities